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Square Peg, Round Holes

some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps

Krys Taylor
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Blah blah blah. If you know me you know probably way more than you ever wanted to, and if you don't know me, you already know more than you should. *grin*
I have recently made my journal friends-only, so you may only see a news story or two here. However, all you have to do is friend me, and I'll be happy to friend you back. I'm a friendly person, really I am - I just wanted to know who was reading my little blog. :D

Additional note: I've made myself as easy to find online as I can, because I'd love to hear from old friends, lovers, acquaintances or colleagues. If you've come across my journal, by all means - send me a note and let me know how you are doing! I can't wait to catch up. :D

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