Krys Taylor (shodoshan) wrote,
Krys Taylor

Journal abandoned

Just in case you're looking for me...

I abandoned this journal a while ago. I haven't had a non-spam comment in over a year, and most of my friends are over on Facebook. Keeping up with friends is, after all, why I started my LJ.

I'll be keeping it around because I like being found by old friends. So if you come across this, feel free to message me here, find me on Facebook, or look me up on twitter. I'm shodoshan anywhere a username is used, and I do want to hear from you. :>

And for the quick primer on what's going on with me: I'm engaged to a wonderful man whose name is also Chris, I'm living in California, I'm working for a great company called, and my daughter Kayla is doing great in high school. I'm a redhead now. I'm still writing. I'm now also making costumes. I'm not doing any side web design work. And I still love all of you.

Best wishes, and see you on other sites!


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