Krys Taylor (shodoshan) wrote,
Krys Taylor

Greeting Cards is now live!

After slaving and sweating and losing sleep and nearly chewing our fingernails off, the greeting cards project has gone live!

Now, you can create custom greeting cards the same way you customize your stationery. Choose a design and add your photos and text. Play with fonts and colors till you're happy. On the back of every card is a personal seal that says it's one of a kind, made by you! You can customize that too. :D

Cards can be delivered to your recipient directly, or sent back to you so you can sign them. You can have then sent right away, or schedule them up to a year in advance. Talk about no-brainer!

I can speak personally for the quality of the cards - the paper is premium cardstock, the printing is exceptional and we custom-designed the envelopes, which are very classy.

Best of all is the price. In the store, a nice designer card can cost you $5 or more. Our cards are $1.99. And they're made by you, for the person getting them.

I'm really proud of this product. It makes me feel fantastic to know that I was involved, and I'm really excited for the (top secret) improvements and enhancements I know are coming. Please feel free to check it out, and let me know what you think!

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