Krys Taylor (shodoshan) wrote,
Krys Taylor

Three Years

When my daddy died, I inherited his laptop. I stubbornly cling to it, almost exactly as it was when he was alive. As if it were on loan.
He had some pictures rotating as his desktop wallpaper. They're not particularly good pictures, of a particularly interesting subject - but they were how my daddy saw the world. He loved them enough to keep them cycling through. And so I keep them.
One of them is a photograph of a trail head sign. My dad did stuff like that. You see the map, and info about the area. And then you see the real beauty of the picture - subtle, ghostly, a reflection of my papasan taking that picture. There, ethereal, precious. A moment of his living caught.
I love that picture most of all.

Today is three years. I did things he would have loved, and carried him with me, like the reflection. There, if you look just right.
I miss him so much.

Robert Binnom Taylor
9 Feb 1946 - 10 Apr 2007


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