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I have finished making Kayla a cheerleader costume for Halloween.
I have learned a few things in the process.

  1. Patterns are not written in english. There should be two versions of every pattern; one for people who know what the heck they're doing, and one for me.
  2. The sewing store near my house is remarkably well stocked.
  3. The people who work at the sewing store either have very poor social skills or are ridiculously rude and elitist. Yes, I have a Brother. And yes, I need the $30 part because the $99 version of that part costs more than my machine did.
  4. I solemnly promise to buy a better sewing machine, really I do.
  5. Walking feet are very hard to get ahold of.
  6. If you do get ahold of a walking foot, you will probably need a longer screw to hold your needle in.
  7. If you can't get a longer screw, you should NOT take a sander to the part of the walking foot that goes around the needle screw to make it narrower. While this does technically work, and you'll briefly feel proud of yourself for having machined your own part, the plastic that you sanded away was important for structural stability and the walking foot will not work.
  8. I am really, REALLY bad at making waistbands. I hope one of you awesometastic sewing gurus will show me how to do this someday.
  9. Kayla is adorable in a cheerleader outfit.
  10. Having two sewing machines is VERY useful.
  11. I need to take a sewing class. I have a lot to learn about fixing the little problems that come up when you're sewing.

In other news, Jo and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary this weekend. The actual anniversary is Weds.
Love love!


Oct. 27th, 2009 09:00 pm (UTC)
Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

A few years ago, on some advice from a few experienced seamstresses, I bought a used, all metal sewing machine at a store for less than a hundred bucks. (I can't remember if it's a Brother, though I do recall it's not a Singer.) Still, no problems with the machine after several years. Only had to replace the needle once. It's heavy to transport, but quite reliable.

A while ago, I took a few sewing lessons from an instructor in Fremont named Renee Hathaway, whom I can recommend.

I could certainly stand to take an actual sewing class though. Except for a basic cravat, anything I try to make, if it actually gets done, is quite a learning experience.